Great Insights to Move any Music Instrument Safely

Are you planning to move to a new home? Relocating is unavoidable sometimes, and you will always find yourself moving to a new home for various reasons. It could be because of a job transfer, or you could want a new place that suits your needs when your family has grown. How do you plan your movement? Moving needs proper planning so that you can ensure all your items arrive safely.

You are not worried of some of your items such as coaches, your clothes, the dining room and books because you are sure these will be taken safely to your new residence. These are items that will stay firm in your van and by the time you reach your destination, they will all be intact. You cannot worry about these items.

However, when it comes to moving your best musical instruments, it is a different case. Music instruments are delicate, and if they are not handled correctly they could easily be damaged, and this could affect their functioning. Damage to the musical instruments can easily occur even if you hire professional truck drivers who are careful when driving. These instruments are costly, and they help you in your music career so it would be unfortunate if they are damaged.

The good news is there are steps you can take to ensure your instruments are safe. Read to discover some great insights:

Organs and Pianos

If you hire a professional company, the employees are trained how to handle these best musical instruments. There is no need to worry about your pianos and organs during transportations, but you need to take these precautions:

Locking and closing the keyboard

Removing any part that is moveable

Wrap the instruments with towels and blankets and use wrap tape to secure the material used to wrap

Ensure pedals and legs have additional wrapping

Although your professional and experienced movers can do the above work, you can always supervise to ensure the process is done correctly.

Stringed Instruments such as Cellos and Violins

These are some of the best musical instruments, but you need to know that they are fragile and it becomes tricky when moving them. You would be careful to avoid parts like bows, sound-boxes and fingerboards cracking yet this can happen just because of something simple such as speed bump. They can also be damaged if the weather conditions outside are adverse.

You can prevent it by doing the following

Ensure the strings of your best musical instruments are loose. However, when loosening, do not do it so much that the bridge falls. All you need to do is loosen so that if there are cold temperatures outside the string will not be strained.

You can also make the hairs on the bow lose and ensure all the tuning keys are placed parallel with the headstocks to avoid snapping.

You can consider adding more padding. The best solution for this would be the use of bubble wraps though you can also make use of crumpled paper. Before you place your items in their casing, you need to wrap them to make them safe. You should avoid the use of packing peanuts and shredded paper since it would not be wise when these items can get inside your best musical instrument and getting them out becomes a difficult task.

You need to buy a hard case if you do not have one yet. It will ensure your best musical instruments are safe from moisture and they will reach your new home safely.

Wooden or Brass Instruments such as Clarinets and Trumpets

The good thing about these instruments is that they have robust parts. But you should ensure they are not ruined just because of a dent that could spoil their sound. You can practice the following to keep them save:

Use bubble wrap on the items

Take all the instruments apart

Use a hard case for storing them. If you do not get a hard case, you can make use of towels and bubble wrap and make multiple layers to avoid pieces bumping into each other.

Drum Sets

These also need to be protected. What you need to do is just to buy a box that is larger than the drums by some inches. Use bubble wrap to pad the bottom, sides, and top. For a large instrument such as marimba, you can talk to your professional movers so they can relocate it just like your piano. Take these necessary precautions, and you will be sure your instrument arrives at your new destination safely.